Melt in your mouth grass fed beef.  John and Angela are the farmers we visit in Stanley.  This meat is of the highest quality and used by top chefs not only in Australia but around the world.


Catherine\r\nand Willie have a boutique brewery with hops growing out the back door to show\r\ntheir visitors. Situated in the famous\r\ntopiary town of Railton, this property gives a great insight into artisan beer\r\nproduction.



Wendy and Craig grow four types of berries and have a lovely cafe at their Turners Beach property.  The varieties they grow are full of flavour and their fabulous reputation is known far and wide.



This family business with it’s amazing product has become very well known throughout Australia.  This multi award winning business has a product range which aside from their cheeses, includes milk, cream, butter and ice cream.



Goat cheeses, milk and yoghurt are some of the wonderful items that Peter and Marilyn are making in their onsite cheesery.  Definitely happy goats living a blessed life in Gunns Plains.



Matt and Andi moved family and herd from Victoria a few years ago and have built up a wonderful business making their own cheeses produced with milk from their Aussie Red Cows.



Organic products are what Elgaar are all about.  A family business making milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt and butter – they are one of Australia’s premium producers.



Paul is not only growing cherries, but different varieties of raspberries and prime beef – his signature beef and cherry pie is a winner and his cherries are put to good use in a variety of products sold at his restaurant and function centre in Latrobe.



Igor has turned chocolate making into an art form. Using the best quality ingredients including Tassie cream and butter which make his product exceptional.  Chocolates, truffles, pralines and fudges are just some of the delights you can get at Anvers.



The new family owned company is an extension of their juice business and one that is already being enjoyed by many.  Cider is made with 100% Tasmanian apples and pears using traditional techniques.



Christine and John have the only commercial feijoa property in Tasmania.  This delicious fruit (pineapple-guava flavour) comes into season late autumn/winter and aside from the fresh fruit itself, they turn this into amazing jams, jellies, ice cream, cakes, relish and chutneys.



George and Lisa have a beautiful property at Hagley with over 5,000 hazelnut trees in their orchard making them one of the largest groves in the Southern hemisphere.  Being local, the consumer gets to enjoy a very fresh product which in the nut world has a huge impact on taste.



Robbie and Nicola produce a range of honey including some fully organic and the famous Tasmanian Leatherwood variety sold locally and also exported to Asia.  Honey is sourced from the Tarkine rainforests (home of the world’s cleanest air and water). 



The Beerepoot family have made an art of combining honey with other ingredients creating amazing flavours.  They manufacture and sell not only a wide variety of honey, but also offer skincare, condiments, nougat, health care and candles.  



Carol and Tony produce a sublime olive oil.  Their grove is planted in rich red volcanic soils of the north-west and the micro-climate of this area is ideally suited to the five varieties they grow and press themselves at their Abbotsham farm.



Wattle Hill Olives 

Veronica and George planted their grove from scratch 10 years ago and have gone on to win awards for their oil.  They have 2,000 olive trees, with 4 oil varieties and 4 table varieties as well as 200kg of table olives marinating in brine which will be ready for sale this year.



Eliza and guy give their pigs a good life which certainly goes a long way towards show-casing their fabulous end result product.  They grow rare breed Wessex Saddleback pigs, sheep, cattle and not to forget the odd duck and chook.



Keryn and Don see their animals from birth through to when they go to their own abbatoir.  They only sell what is grown on their farm using very high animal welfare and environmental standards.



Patricia shows off the best of Tasmanian produce in her quaint Stanley cottage shop.  This specialty food store which sits at the base of “The Nut” is definitely worth a look.



Henriette and Lauran not only grow organic quinoa, but also spelt, milling wheat, oats, linseed and adzuki beans as well as raising organic beef on their property.  Their Quinoa is grown, harvested, cleaned and polished on their farm.



Steven has been growing saffron for Tas-Saff for many years now and the Australian product is definitely of supreme quality.  This is the world’s most expensive ingredient, but the small amount needed to impart flavour into savoury and sweet dishes is well worth the outlay.


The Pyka family certainly know how to grow amazing salmon and their ginseng products are very innovative.  Their property (not far from Deloraine) is home to a few platypus and set amongst beautiful wetlands with many species of flora and fauna.



Tim and Adele Terry were not only the first growers of the Black Truffle in Australia, but also of the summer truffle which allows this product to stay on menus for a longer period of time and not just the short winter season.  It is used by fine dining restaurants throughout the country and also exported to Asia.



New ownership here, but same fantastic quality meat.  They have their own abattoir on site and many types of smallgoods are also made from their animals – no chemicals, drenches, antibiotics or growth hormones used on this farm.



Ruth and John make fruit wines, ciders as well as spirits in a still that John hand built himself.  This is a boutique vineyard producing unique blends not produced anywhere else.



Walnuts at Howth 

Diane and Ian press their own walnuts making a lovely smooth oil and also have a range of other products at their farmgate including fresh and pickled nuts, fudge and a nut opener using wood from the walnut tree.



Stephen has just had the slow process of relocating his business, but it has not slowed down the use of his wasabi by many local producers in their products such as cheese and mustard.  He is the largest grower and supplier of fresh wasabi in Australia.



This business is wholly owned by local dairy farmers.  It is a fully operational on site distillery producing a variety of whiskeys and spirit.  There is history and an interested story to be told behind this unique Tasmanian product.



Cate and Colin product award winning wines at their boutique property on the North West coast.  They have a restaurant and function centre and also manage to squeeze in the odd concert at the vineyard each year, much to the delight of the locals.



Philip and Lyn run a boutique vineyard set amongst the picturesque scenery around Deloraine.  These handmade wines are produced based on organic principles.



This vineyard may be under new ownership, but it still produces a very high quality wine.  The cool climate in Tasmania proves to be a magnificent ingredient for wine making and had earned a wonderful reputation in all the right circles.



Marji and Alan are located, as the name suggests, in Penguin and not only producing lovely wine, but also growing lemons and making Limoncello.  They are doing a wonderful replica of this famous Italian drop.