My own food journey started from a very young age, but it would be a further 15 years before I really started to develop a palate and adventure into different foods and cuisines.  Many years later I am still learning and imagine my foodie voyage will continue for many more to come.
  • I am a self confessed food junkie, an enthusiastic cook, a habitual recipe collector, having travelled the world for 30 odd years and taste tested my way around well over 100 countries in 7 continents.
  • It would be fair to say that not much happens in my life that isn’t associated with food – I also love to entertain and experiment with food recipes.
  • I have partaken in many cooking classes around the globe, visited farm gates and set whole itineraries for several weeks at a time, solely based on the cuisine and product that different places have to offer.
  • Tasmania is my newly adopted home after migrating from Sydney earlier in 2012 and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to live my dream on a little heart shaped island that I now call home.
  • My own dwelling is surrounded by vegetable fields in rich red volcanic soil and I don’t have to go far to get free range anything....
  • Sydney gave me a taste and the inspiration to do “foodie” tours and now I have the opportunity to share with others the “Tassie on a Plate” experience, seeing the magnificent places that the North-West has on offer with my own tours - visiting farm gates and conversing with the locals.
  • My new job role hardly feels like work at all – more like a guilty pleasure! Basically I am crazy about Food, People and Tasmania – three essential ingredients to start a food tour business and indulge myself in my own passion and love of all things food.